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Kingspan Insulation manufactures a variety of insulation materials which can be used in many applications. From polyisocyanurate to EPS to vacuum insulation panels, Kingspan Insulation can provide insulation materials that provide solutions for projects in many market segments. Take a closer look below and see what Kingspan can do for you.


Kingspan Insulation's ISO-C1 2.0 lb/ft3 density polyisocyanurate rigid foam insulation is listed under FM’s Approval Standard 4880, independently audited by Factory Mutual. We manufacture ISO-C1 polyisocyanurate as large buns, and subsequently fabricate into insulation panels, pipe insulation, or equipment insulation...

ISO-C1 Assembly Rendering


Kingspan manufactures EPS blocks using a molding process at densities of 1.0, 1.25, 1.5, 2.0, and 3.0 lb/ft3. Kingspan’s production capacities allow us to meet market demands for large or small volume projects. In addition, Kingspan has extensive fabrication capacity and considerable staff expertise to fabricate the blocks into sheets or virtually any shape utilizing computer-aided-design (CAD)...

Holey Board manufacturing

Threshold VIP

Threshold is “The Next Step” in the advancement of vacuum insulation. Threshold VIPs can be manufactured in thicknesses from 0.2 to 2.0 inches (5 mm to 51 mm) and from very small panels to very large panels (39 inches wide by 50 inches long or 1 meter wide by 1.27 meters long). This allows customers to design for the exact thermal resistance that they need...

Product rendering of Threshhold VIP


ISO-HT® is Kingspan Insulation's 2.5 lb/ft³ polyisocyanurate rigid, closed cell, foam insulation for higher temperature applications. ISO-HT is used in constant temperature or heat cycling environments. Kingspan offers ISO-HT as bunstock or as sheets and blocks, with tolerances up to 1/32 inch on surfaces. Our extensive network of fabricators can provide special shapes for pipe, fittings, vessels, or other mechanical applications...

Product rendering of ISO-HT


Kingspan Insulation manufactures structural Polyisocyanurate (ISO-CF®, a modified polyurethane) as well as Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) rigid foams in varied densities for use in composite applications - particularly sandwich composites and composite insulation board. Kingspan Insulation has composite substrate materials to meet many priorities of composite engineers...

Product rendering of ISO-CF

Coming Soon: PURkast


PURkast is a two-part pour-in-place PUR foam system used to insulate industrial pipe system valves and junctions. The PURkast formulation was specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of CINI with LNG industry applications in mind.

Product rendering of an isolated valve